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Assess and align your leaders with the new leadership, new ownership or new strategic goals


As headhunters and Executive Search consultants we are used to being part and bringing change into organizations. We can support also in aligning the key executive team to new realities.

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You might need Alignment if... 

  • Disengagement

  • High Rotation

  • Tribal Behaviours (i.e "us vs. them")

  • Interdepartmental tension

  • Aggressive language & behavior

  • Disruptor vs. Traditionalist tension

  • Paralysis

  • Endless debates in committees

  • Corner cutting and rule-bending

  • Stagnant or negative financial results

  • Constantly putting off fires

  • High stress, initial signs of burnout

  • Role ambiguity/conflict

  • Cynicism

  • Lack of innovation

Identify these symptoms? Want to listen of case studies? Let us help

When do companies need it?

I. Rapid Growth

When experiencing rapid growth and/or internationalization, revealing an urgent need to verify that the team's skills, incentives, motivation and organization reflect the new reality.


II. Changes in Macro-Environmental Forces

When changes in macroenvironmental forces – regulation, market conditions, an increased need for innovation – force an urgent review of the talent map usually in order to favor quick decisions.

III. M&A Processes

When involved in M&A processes and needing to identify culture- or talent-related obstacles which may affect the achievement of the forecasts and/or goals.

IV. Changes in top management or shareholders

When changes in top management or shareholders provide the opportunity to assess the Company's talent strategy by seeking out an unbiased outside expert's opinion.


V. Engagement Client Survey

When results in engagement climate surveys shed light on improvement opportunities in specific areas.

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