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Developing leaders from within, focusing on specific areas


Business ​Schools offer a very time-consuming one-size-fits-all approach to imparting knowledge. Our approach allows companies to align company and individual executive development needs. Allowing a very personalized approach that does not consume time on areas where the executive is already developed in. This maximizes impact, minimizing cost and time dedication:

1) Meeting client to assess the development needs of their individual executives

2) Psychometric testing, contrasting results with the company and developing 'buy-in' for the executive

3) Meeting individual executives to understand his/her development needs and aligning them with the needs of our client.

4) Developing and presenting the guidelines for a tailored and detailed development plan based on the unique situation.

5) Over the course of 1 to 3 months impart knowledge through case studies, academic material and readings.

6) Develop a presentation from the executive on development commitments.

7) Final report on insights on the candidate with a final meeting with the client.

8) Checking in with the client after 6 months to review results.

Amongst our staff we have people that have taught in some of the most prestigious Business Schools globally

Red Lantern

Case study

Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Sector:  Global quality control & testing provider (+1.5 bn USD)

Position: BU Sales Directors

Situation: Our Client had two BU Sales leaders that needed to develop certain skills. In one case, the leader had great sales results but very low retention rates amongst his managers, some holding key relationships for our client. The second leader had good individual results but could not bring his team to the desired sales levels. Our client did not have qualified executives within the Chinese branch to develop their Sales leaders these very specific areas. We had to both understand the development needs that the our client had and the areas the leader wanted to develop about himself.

Challenging points: The relationships with corporate management in Europe had deteriorated and retention of these leaders was key for the success of the Chinese Branch. Additionally, these BU Sales Directors themselves had key talent they needed to retain.

Our result: After 1 month of preparation and conversations with corporate and local leadership we were able to develop a tailored training plan for both BU Sales Directors. Both BU Sales Directors are still on board, have managed to increase their results and have retained all key talent within their teams.

Need one of your leaders to develop a specific skill?

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