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Global Reach through our partners

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Zavala Civitas has an existing relationship with Penrhyn, a global network of Executive Search Consultants. 

Penrhyn International represents a worldwide network of high-end executive firms, with geographical presence in more than 40 cities, bringing together specialised solutions to support various businesses acquiring international C-suite professionals in response to their upcoming needs

Formed by top notch search firms focused on their local area of influence, Penrhyn is committed to assist clients with an international point of view with regards to talent acquisition

Established in 1979, Penrhyn holds a successful background counselling clients in C-suite adjustments over time in order to achieve profitability in their businesses.

Our global network helps on the next deliveries:


  • 360 access to extensive international talent across all the globe.

  • In-depth knowledge and comprehension on a vast number of industry sectors.

  • Tailored solutions executed by well known professionals aligned with client’s objectives and demands.

  • Robust and effective solutions for talent progression and detailed search.

Our combined reach

Torii Gates

Why Penrhyn?

As a result of our extended presence in twenty – two countries, this gives us the possibility to provide a set of services that fulfil client expectations and corporate demands when it comes to talent matters.

  • Global Talent Pool: Penrhyn clients will not find any restrictions as often occurs with local firms in terms of accessing candidates from all over the world, also nonbeing submitted to agreements typically found on large firms.

  • Customised Solutions: Penrhyn provides customized solutions to assess top level executives, that will precisely match corporate needs, distancing from traditional search processes.

  • Consistent Quality: Taking into consideration the preferences of the client, Penrhyn is able to deliver robust execution on a search basis making full use of its network.

  • Partner-led Search: At Penrhyn we do not outsource our processes, meaning this, partners and search consultants work closely forging relations with the client to ensure a unique point of contact is established avoiding misinterpretations often created by delegation.

  • Market Intelligence: Constant connection between different members of Penrhyn guarantees constant market flow information timely shared with the client.

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